Ramsay St gets Blue!

Last Updated: Wednesday 15th of September 2010 at 11:36:04 AM

Australia’s longest running soap opera opened its doors to raise awareness for men's cancers as the familiar Neighbours set and cast turned blue!



Blue September invaded Ramsay Street for the filming of a special behind the scenes teaser-trailer, put together to help raise awareness about men’s cancers. Fan-favourites and longtime cast members Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl Kennedy) and Jacki Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) were both kind enough to lend their time to the campaign, helping to encourage people to ‘face up to men’s cancers’.


“The main message is, don’t ignore your health, don’t sit on the couch and think that it’ll be alright by tomorrow. Get checked, get checked for anything that might be worrying you,” said Alan Fletcher, being interviewed as his face was painted for the teaser.

The yet to be released teaser gives viewers a special glimpse behind the scenes of the much loved drama, before the onscreen couple, and Dr Karl especially, are given a very blue surprise.

The filming of the trailer broke up the normal shoot schedule for a bit of fun, but it also gave the stars the opportunity to get an important message out to all Australians. The teaser will target all members of the family, because men’s cancers will intimately and tragically affect over 22,000 Australian families every year.

It is all part of Blue September, a national fundraising and awareness initiative, proudly supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and Bowel Cancer Australia. The goal is to raise funds for cancer research, as well as helping men reduce the risk of cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Blue September supports The Australian Cancer Research Foundation and Bowel Cancer Australia


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